ted-young-technology-leaderI am…

  • Ted Young,
  • Located in Dallas, TX,
  • I own an independent consulting firm specializing in enterprise software and IT,
  • Finishing an MBA with a Global Leadership concentration at UT Dallas,
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese,
  • Have many unique hobbies including physics, electronics, linguistics, music, and history.

I have 15 years of software development experience, with extensive leadership and project management experience.  Please check out my my LinkedIn profile.

This blog is…

  • Primarily dedicated to software development and information technology; but will occasionally stray into other topics such as physics, chemistry, and math,
  • A chance for me to share with the world what my team(s) and I learn and discover; hopefully saving you some time in the process.

You will find here…

  • Topics in science and technology (mostly software development),
  • My past lectures,
  • Leadership and management philosophy.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have me speak on any topics found in this blog.  The only thing I enjoy more than teaching is learning.

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